Why Six Figure Sales Coaching?

My core sales coaching philosophy is based on the words of Jim Rohn: “In order to have more, you have to become more.” In the world of sales, we frequently focus on the end result: more customers, more money, more status. Seldom do we stop and think about who we need to become in order to naturally produce those results.

The main question that top-performing sales professionals must ask themselves is how to create enough value in the marketplace that they become indispensable to their customers and prospects alike. The type of value we need to deliver has changed, though, with the increased use of the internet when making buying decisions. For those of you in the B2B selling space, over 57% of your customer’s purchasing decision is now already made online before they ever engage with you. This means that in addition to their traditional sales skills, sales professionals who excel also have to become indispensable to prospects while they are doing their research online. Success in sales today and in the future will boil down to who can add the most value, both online and offline.

​At Six Figure Sales Coaching I help sales professionals learn how to leverage ​changes in the way customers buy today so that they can stand out from the pack and be fiercely competitive in a cluttered marketplace. I offer customized coaching programs for sales professionals and teams who want to become higher earners in our new selling environment.

Meet Elyse

My passion for sharing what I’ve learned with you is so strong that I’ve created a full time career out of coaching and mentoring sales professionals just like you who know that you’re capable of more and are ready to break through to the next level. If you’re wondering whether there’s another way of doing business, there is!! I would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your business and see whether or not we’re a great fit to work together. I BELIEVE IN YOU.

Wonder What Coaching is All About?

If you’re curious what sales coaching is all about, check out this podcast interview I did with one of my colleagues Rory Vaden and my client Alex Pace. Alex is a Financial Planner with Northwestern Mutual, helping individuals, families and businesses put their goals and ambitions into a plan that will make sure they live financially secure.

In the interview we discuss why Alex got into sales coaching, what his experience has been like so far and what we’ve been working on together.
Listen to the interview here!

Ready To Learn More

If you're interested in learning more about whether or not Six Figure Sales Coaching is right for you, please contact me for a complimentary consultation.


“Elyse is a master. She is a trusted advisor and expert ... every time I speak with Elyse I am impressed by the depth of her knowledge and feel that I have learned something new and important from her. She is both personally and professionally inspiring, and recommend that you schedule an appointment with her today.”

Melissa St. John

President, Social Solved

“When it comes to professional development, few have put the hours in to hone the skills that Elyse Archer has. From marketing technologies, to brand building, to networking, to the next set of skills she sets her sights on, she puts in the time, energy, and focus to achieve each and every one. She's an asset to me as a mastermind that I can workshop ideas with. In short, Elyse is the most advanced consummate professional colleague I have, period.”

Neal Isaacs

Owner, ProProspectors