Robert Belt

New Technology & Wireless Consultant

“Elyse is a great listener and provider of thoughtful solutions. I help companies introduce new technology/new products. Elyse took the time to review my history, listen to my current direction and my desires for the future. Many people in her industry would just pull out a check list of e-places you should have a presence, i.e., Facebook, Instagram, blogosphere, web page. Elyse thoughtfully reviewed all the options for me and together we determined the best direction using her wellspring of experience and knowledge.”

Jennifer Jones

Co-Owner, Realty World Signature Properties

“Elyse presented to our sales team at our Annual Planning Retreat. She was captivating and energetic. Our team was very impressed with her knowledge and professionalism. We highly recommend having her present to your team!”

Robert Geiger

Organizer, Raleigh Entrepreneurs' Organization

“We are very grateful to Elyse Archer for speaking to the Raleigh Entrepreneurs Organization. Elyse is a dynamic, friendly and engaging speaker who is passionate about all things selling and sales. She shared very specific tips and techniques for generating more leads and effectively following up and converting them to sales. I highly recommend Elyse as a speaker for your group or organization.”

Jon DeHart

Regional Sales Manager, Victorian Finance

“Are you looking to grow your Business ??? If so, then engage Elyse to help you challenge yourself and grow. She is upbeat, thorough and professional.”

Mary Edwards

Loan Officer, Caliber Home Loans

“I started working with Southwestern Consulting at the tail end of July 2015. I had to do a personality assessment which was to set me up with the proper coach. Little did I know what was in store for me? Elyse Archer is my designated coach. Our very first call I was late calling her. Ironically, I put down on my assessment that one of the things I would like to strengthen is my “time management”. We had a really good conversation even though I came across quite defensive with a lot of issues with staff at the time. Elyse gave me some things to do and I did exactly what she asked me to do even though I was reluctant. It was a pride swallowing experience that actually improved my relationships within the office. The next call I completely missed. Elyse was once again patient and actually called me! Thank God. I’m paying the money but really couldn’t get myself in line. Again, we had a very productive conversation that Elyse gave me some pointers and a few assignments to complete. I had no problem with that. From the beginning I trusted her because she actually listened and responded to my needs.

As time has gone on Elyse and I have really meshed. We are now focusing on what’s really important for me to increase my sales goals. It feels good that I have finally gotten past the issues and into what really makes me tick. I have not tracked any of my calls, referrals or even my income for years. I’ve done well in my career but now I feel as though I’m really going to explode with success. Since working with Elyse only these few months I can honestly say that I feel at peace with my personal life and also my business life. Sure there’s still times that are completely out of control but I’ve become more insightful and I look forward to overcoming the obstacles. Elyse has also encouraged me to do presentations. Historically, I have had extreme anxiety while presenting, but under Elyse’s direction I have been able to overcome the fright and move into the spotlight. Elyse is really good at recommending a book to read for any upcoming items we’re working on including the presentation. I know this will only enhance my business moving forward as I am not trying to get out of doing presentations now I am seeking them out!

I am thankful that Elyse came into my life when she did. I was really unhappy and angry. It turns out that I just needed a little tweaking. For the most part I’m happy and much more focused and productive. I am a work in progress at this point, but I am excited to see where this journey takes me!

I would recommend Elyse Archer to coach anybody or anything! She’s the best.”

John Draughon

Director, iMedia Workshop

“Elyse has the unique ability to be extremely systematized and efficient in approaching our created tasks. Her professionalism is top notch, yet she has an positive and friendly personality that makes her very easy to work with. She is a priceless asset to any organization.”

Jonathan Rose


“I was reluctant to engage in sales coaching at first -- This was my thinking: If I put in the time, If I work hard, and If I commit to getting better the sales would take care of itself.... After finishing my fourth sales book I wasn't getting the results I expected. I was frustrated, REALLY frustrated. I was confident in my product, confident in my message, and I knew my clients would benefit from my content. I was close but I couldn't put my finger on the problem. After much debate I finally engaged SW Consulting for sales training. LUCKILY! - I got paired with Elyse Archer as my coach and this is where the fun starts! It's ONLY been 3 weeks but the results so far have been mind-blowing. Here's how I would sum up my first 3 weeks: Elyse has completely changed my perspective. Sales are up over 100% and we are just getting started. She is knowledgable, assessable and genuinely interested in my success. Here's the best part: I understand my clients needs better than ever and because of this, my relationship with my clients is at an all time high. I am completely blown away by the results. The approach is deceptively simple, and easily within your reach too. You want to move forward in sales? Elyse is the answer you're looking for! Still not convinced? Than reach out to me, I'd be happy to share more about my experience.”

Neal Isaacs

Owner, ProProspectors

“When it comes to professional development, few have put the hours in to hone the skills that Elyse Archer has. From marketing technologies, to brand building, to networking, to the next set of skills she sets her sights on, she puts in the time, energy, and focus to achieve each and every one. She's an asset to me as a mastermind that I can workshop ideas with. In short, Elyse is the most advanced consummate professional colleague I have, period.”

Melissa St. John

President, Social Solved

“Elyse is a master. She is a trusted advisor and expert ... every time I speak with Elyse I am impressed by the depth of her knowledge and feel that I have learned something new and important from her. She is both personally and professionally inspiring, and recommend that you schedule an appointment with her today.”