January 13, 2017

Reflections from an Insecure Nerd

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I sat there by myself on December 31 in the crowded Middle Eastern restaurant, a pile of papers several inches tall spilling all over the small table for two.  “Wow – how in the world did I collect all of this last year?”  I wondered.

I was torn between digging in to my steaming rice bowl or starting to plough through last year’s journal of the highs and lows of building a six figure coaching business.  I was famished, so the rice bowl won out (temporarily), but as soon as I finished it I eagerly pushed it to the side so I could dive in to my findings.

As I started to sort through my daily recaps of what worked and what didn’t, it dawned on me: you have to share this.  You teach people all the time how to earn more in sales, break through the six figure earnings mark, and here are the keys to how you did it in a relatively new industry last year.

If you’re reading this, you may have come to me because you are in a sales role where you know it’s possible for you to do more, earn more and become more.  You are looking for increased confidence and a fearless approach to sales.  You may be looking to break through the six figure income mark for the first time, or perhaps you’re already there and you’re looking for strategies to scale and approach seven figures.  You may even be leading a sales team that you know is capable of more.

I’m here to tell you it’s possible.  Over my 10 year sales career I’ve consistently been a top producer, but I did it the wrong way for the majority of my career.  I simply did it by pushing harder and grinding harder than anyone else, and it was really all just to prove a point that I could be successful.

You see, I was somewhat of a nerd growing up.  And I don’t just mean a little bit of a nerd – I mean a totally, completely awkward nerd.  If you need proof, here you go (Note the sweet pug t-shirt):

While this meant I did really well in school, socially I never felt like I fit in the way I wanted to, and I grew up very insecure.  I’ve learned over the years that insecurity is a great driver for the compulsion to be an ultra-performer, so when I went into sales after college of course I had to prove that I could be better than everyone else.  This led to years of working myself to the bone just to stay at the top of the leaderboard.

Several years ago all of that changed for me when I picked up my first personal development book, The Compound Effect.  It sent me on this incredible journey where I discovered a sales coach named Rory Vaden (who I now have the pleasure of working with today) and this concept of servant selling, where sales isn’t about me proving anything about myself at all – it’s simply about helping other people get what they want.

This was a pretty radical mindset shift for me at the time.  What was even more amazing was that in the first year of selling in this new and different way, my income grew by 48%, I got my day back and I felt confidence and peace in a new way because I was working out of a sense of purpose, not to prove anything about myself.

Seeing that I could be very successful using a different approach to sales was so inspiring to me that I left my corporate job in advertising sales to start a sales coaching business.  In my coaching practice I work with sales professionals who want to earn a great living, but do so in the right way that’s truly about service to their clients and making an impact on this world.

I practice what I preach, and because of that I’ve been blessed to have a very successful first full year in sales coaching.  That pile of papers I mentioned above was the journal I kept throughout 2016 as I recorded what worked and what didn’t as I built a six figure coaching business.  A few weeks ago I pulled all of my major takeaways and ah-ha’s out of that journal, and I’m going to be sharing them with you over the course of this year.

If I can help any of you earn more while growing your self confidence, sense of worth, and clarifying the legacy you want to leave in this world, I will consider that a huge success.

If this message resonates with you, get excited …. Over the coming months I am going to be sharing with you exactly what does and doesn’t work as you work to grow your sales business.

In my next blog I am going to share with you a little-known fact about goal setting that is rarely practiced, but when it is it can lead to explosive growth.

See you soon…


Elyse, the self-admitted nerd

BTW – if you’re curious about how having a sales coach could help you make this your best year year, click the button below to schedule a call with me.  Can’t wait to talk to you soon!

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